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Pacer FXV Vaulting Pole


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The Pacer FXV Vaulting Pole is the flagship pole in Gill's range:  the perfect pole for greater heights and maximum PRs.  Designed to roll to vertical more efficiently, the Pacer FXV makes it easier for the vaulter to synchronise the unbending of the pole during the later stages of the vault.

Pacer FXV Features

Support excellent technique

With a more efficient roll to vertical, the Pacer FXV enables the vaulter to achieve greater heights by providing an easier synchronization to the unbending of the pole.

Scientifically tested

Designed with Gills exclusive Best Flex technology, all weights and lengths have been engineered and calibrated to provide the most scientifically tested and accurate pole progressions possible. 


Constructed from S-Fiberglass, the lightweight Pacer FXV is designed for a smooth and consistent response for all styles of jumpers, through all sizes of poles for easy transitions through the pole series



We have range of Pacer Poles in our Devon warehouse for next-day dispatch.  Other sizes are available to order with 3 -4 week lead times (these poles have 'To Order' in the choices above).

Length and body weight options

Pacer FXV are manufactured in 5lb increments in the following sizes:

  • 11' (335): 80 to 150lbs 
  • 11'6" (355): 85 to 150lbs 
  • 12' (360): 100 to 160lbs 
  • 12'6" (375): 100 to 170lbs 
  • 13' (400): 110 to 180lbs 
  • 13'6" (415): 120 to 175lbs 
  • 14' (425): 125 to 180lbs 
  • 14'6" (440): 130 to 185lbs
  • 15' (460): 140 to 185lbs
  • 15'6" (470): 150 to 195lbs
  • 16'1" (490): 160 to 200lbs
  • 16'5" (500): 160 to 200lbs
  • 16'9" (510): 185 to 205lb

See our metric/imperial conversion chart to check your weight and pole length.

Warning: Poles must not be used without the protective bung (supplied).  Spare bungs are available here.



  • Manufactured in the US by Gill Porter
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • Specific flex ratings are available - please call for more info


Unsure which is the right pole?

For more information on how to choose a vaulting pole, see our 'How to Choose a Vaulting Pole' article.

Pole vaulter going over the bar.  Link to Neuff Athletic's 'How to Choose a Vaulting Pole' article